It Takes a Peer to Truly Help a Peer

Kerry Brown

Hi. I had depressive anger I held on to for most of my life till delusions of people out to get me brought it to a head in August 2005.

Starting Aug. 5th I held the SWAT team out of my house till they started firing in on the 8th. I had made a call that I had a stick of 35 percent gel dinamite and needed to talk to someone.

After lighting the stick and it not going off I got angrier and threw the stick out at the cops. An impulse that turned a ninty day evaluation to three years.

The first few months at the hospital I just walked alot, and they let me. Then they started presenting me with diffrent groups. They all seemed like ways to hide what was happening deeper.

Then Recovery International’s method came to the hospital with yoga by a wonderful peer, Mrs C. Moran. Then WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Planning.

These simple acts of changing thoughts and moving muscules put in a work like environment and responses are learned and retained.

Going through that, finding their simplicity, and learning skills while making a little money to save; truly is my rebirth. I came out of the hospital a brand new person. With a life goal to bring what I have found to the world one person, one town, one state and country at a time.

Mental illness is cureable, recoverable. The truth that it takes a peer to truly help a peer grow, and peers as providers is now.